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Who we are
Iconic tours and travel is a travel agency based in Uganda that specializes in creating travel packages for people that want to see the Pearl of Africa. We make safari and vacation planning both easy, and valuable. For whatever type of vacation, to any place in Uganda, Iconic tours and travel takes great pride in finding the travel plan that best suits your schedule, lifestyle and pockets.

What we do
With beauty that compels and nature entrances, Winston Churchill called it the Pearl of Africa. You can’t afford to just hear about it, you have to see it for yourself. We believe that everyone in the world deserves to experience this beauty for themselves.

At Iconic travels, we pride ourselves in helping people experience this beauty. From the wild experiences of the game parks to the allure of the peaceful lakeside vacations, we take you to untamed places to experience nature in its rawest form and witness awe inspiring scenery while interacting with a rich and beautiful diversity of culture.

Our services include;

  • Ticketing
  • Hotel reservation
  • Car Hire
  • Tours
  • Visa Advisory services
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Travel
  • Iconic travel services is also associated with tourism and travel key players both nationally and internationally which are:-

    • Travel agency association in Uganda (TUGATA). This is the industry regulatory body for travel agencies in Uganda
    • The association of Uganda tour operators (AUTO)
    • The international Air Transport Association


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